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make your choice – sustainable development or fat increments

Having received my salary review letter, I am again amazed at ever increasing salaries, profits, sales, inflation and of course ever decreasing (so-to-say) cost and wastage.

A few recent examples: one, two, three and four.

Is it possible to increase the profits and sales year-on-year, forever? Is there no end to this madness?

Every time some organization is busy presenting its “stronger than ever margins” or “stretched cost savings” or “robust sales growth” to us, I find it difficult resisting myself from asking the above question.

The rate at which we are wasting our resources, human race will not take much time reaching a dead-end where there is no possibility of further addition to the pace of development and to the nature’s exploitation.

Nice to see that Indian Government is doing many things in area of sustainable development. I just hope these much needed steps are a result of a call from within, not from west.