The Indian Express

Once upon a time, were Lee-hesh known to exhibit unparalleled game of doubles tennis that was unconquerable by the contemporaries. In their era, they were a force to reckon with, they were a fear for the opponents. Now they have teamed up after a long time of 9 years, and after some warm up tourneys, they produced great result in Melbourne.

I did not have a chance to witness the game of Bryan bros before, so this time I had that opportunity as well in the Australian Open finals. Bryan bros are the killers. For them, we should design a bigger court. Nobody can hand them a defeat in such a tiny court (they made it look like one!). Their smashes were outstanding. Indians were punching some of them too, but they were easily returned by the Bryans.

Better luck next time The Indian Express. You have teamed up for the Olympics, let’s hope we’ll have a better result that time since you will have the flavour of patriotism there which has been able to make you do the impossible in Davis cup ties.

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