AWS cloud computing conference

The Amazon Web Services‘ Cloud Computing Conference was held at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi on 19th October. I was impressed by the organizing agencies’ skills because they personally tracked each and every registrant throughout registration process, and ensured a great attendance for the event.

That impression did not last long as I was denied entry into the event, even after getting registration confirmation many times. Delhi’s traffic was to blame for this, but hey: they did confirm my participation over phone and sms and email. Probably they called more audience than the capacity, anticipating many back-outs, since the participation was free of cost.

cloud computing

The step-by-step explanation of launching a quickly growing website was a reasonably good part of the event. Simone explained benefits of load balancing and CDN for a popular website. Other presentations like SAP, Wipro etc. looked more oriented towards self promotion and marketing than discussing insights of the cloud computing.

We came to know about a few AWS specific terms of cloud computing like S3, RDS and Elastic Map Reduce (Google says Map Reduce is not a buzzword for them anymore, but it has its own glaring advantages for sure) which also provided a high level idea of what AWS infrastructure looks like.

Their were altercations while the T-shirts were being distributed. Never mind: we in India always do it when there are freebies on offer.

Food was good.

Event Rating: 2.5/5

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